🔑 Qy

That's my name.
I'm a software and web developer from the Netherlands.\nI build websites, webapps, games, mobile apps and desktop apps.

If you're interested, check out some of my projects below.

Also, come chat with me on social media, if you want! They're listed at the bottom of this page.
Have fun :)

🛠️ A few of my projects

Logo for LGBT Profile Picture Overlay Generator.

LGBT Profile Picture Overlay Generator

Easily create your own LGBTQ+ profile picture!

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Logo for Washed, an image cropping tool.


Washing away stupid image borders since 2020.

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Icon for McCollough effect

McCollough Effect

A page that explains and demonstrates the McCollough effect, a dangerously long-lasting optical illusion.

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More of my projects ↗️

🎓 My skills

CSS3 logo CSS
JavaScript logo JavaScript
TypeScript logo TypeScript
C Sharp logo C#
Java logo Java
Dart logo Dart
Python logo Python
Flutter logo Flutter
NodeJS logo NodeJS
Cordova logo Cordova
Svelte logo Svelte
Blender logo Blender
Git logo Git

📚 More about me

More about me

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